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Teenage Sex

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Please take a look at our selection of TEENAGE SEX by COLOR CLIMAX Vintage TEEN SEX Porn Magazines. Some teenage girls have it all... the breathtaking young beauty that others can only dream about. Color Climax has selected these little sunbeams, simply for your pleasure... the more Popular 100% color climax stars were published in Teenage Sex magazines including Tiny Tove who appeated in TS 7,9,18, Anna Marek who starred in TS 72,75,79,81,86,89,91,94, Tiffany Walker, Jacqueline Wild, and many other Teenage beauties.

TEENAGE SEX Porn Magazines Gallery :

TEENAGE SEX magazines
color climax teenage sex
retro TEENAGE sex


More TEENAGE SEX by COLOR CLIMAX available right now : 16 - 17 (Alison Wills) - 28 (Angel West & Veronique Aubert) - 41 - 45 (Candie Evans) - 47 - 48 (Lacey Logan) - 50 - 51 (Blondie Bee) - 83 (Sabrina Johnson) - 84 (Kristy Myst) - 97 (Teenis Sex-Orgie) - 98 - 100 - 101 - 102 - 103 - 104 (Cute Blond with Pigtail on the cover) - 105 (Young Slut sucking cock on the cover) - 106 (French pornostar Adeline Lange) - 107 (Nancy Lee) - 109; we will list them as soon as possible ; but do not hesitate to send your TS special needs.

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About TEENAGE SEX Porn Magazines :

Here are a few layout's titles that were first published by CCC in TEENAGE SEX Porn Magazines : Hot Little Flirt - Teen Romance - Lust at first sight - Campus sex triangle - College Lust - High-School Romance - College Games - ... just to name a few.

With every TEENAGE SEX porn magazine back issue, more collectors are fond of this sex magazine best-seller: innocent, fragile, young beauties are screwing in every possible position. Exquisite photography, brilliant layout and printing quality, make this sex publication the proven Number 1 among the world's leading teenage sex magazines.

TEENAGE SEX porn magazine by Color Climax Corporation is a legendary porn magazine that began life in the 1970s. TEENAGE SEX porn magazine by Color Climax Corporation was one of the first porn magazines in the 1970s to display FULL-COLOR Pictures of Cute Nice Girls having hard-core sex. Hard-core sex doesn't mean anything indecent, illegal or wrong, simply referring to Nice Teenage girls sex pictures that show the full sexual encounter, that is, hard-core porn pictures that show full penetration or even sodomy.

 TEENAGE SEX porn magazine by C.C.C / Color Climax Corporation didn't fail this test, and along with a few other quality retro porn magazines including Rodox Trading, Private, Topsy Production, other COLOR CLIMAX Titles in the early 70s the porn industry was able to flourish and become the great industry that made us happy until the digital revolution.

TEENAGE SEX Porn Magazines hits : Frisbee Fuckers : 2 tricky young guys are playing Frisbee in the park, when a young color climax German Beauty with fluttering pigtails jogs by. A little teasing is all that's needed to establish contact, after which the cock-hungry teenage girl invites them back to her Copenhagen' apartment. She sucks on two dicks in turn, and gets fucked. And on top of that, she receives a triple dose of sparkling sperm. Mermaid Meeting : a lecherous photographer starts off with his camera and finishes off with his cock firmly buried in a couple of teenage cunts. Teacher's Tricks : when a horny danish schoolmaster is interrupted in the middle of a wank, three of his pupils show him how to put his hands to better use. Incest Family : after an exciting game of doctor, a brother and a sister are joined by their randy mother for a really sizzling incest triangle. Erotic Peeper : in this amazing teenage sex magazine pictorial a horny voyeur persuades a color climax teenage couple to perform for him, and masturbates hotly as he watches a tight young cunny being filled.

TEENAGE SEX Porn magazines have become collectibles in recent years. ...we have 100s of them from the 1970's through number 109, so If your Big Bro didn't leave any Teenage Sex in your attic, Yurmag.Com is the place to go. More about TEENAGE SEX magazines.

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Buyers Comments :

1/ Stefan from Germany wrote us :

I just acquired another Teenage Sex issue from you at yurmag.com. Thanks for the speedy delivery and superb quality. Your research team began me on ths tangent last year, by offering an issue of Teenage Sex #20. I was not at the time familar with this particular magazine by Color Climax. I was captured by the girl on the front. She looked like a flower child with that long straight hair and that innocent expression. Since then I have acquired as many of this issue as possible through you and could not be happier. The reason I am writing today is I noticed you have new ones in and I forgot to put in a want list. Please find attached my current want list and requested magazine scans. These magazines are great I just can't say enough good about them!

Dear Stefan, Thank you for writing us and letting us know. We are glad to have met your requirements. Your text has been forwarded to our order team and they will be contacting you. Thank you again for choosing Yurmag.Com.

2/ Peter from Denmark wrote us :

I was surfing your site and noticed your extensive offerings on Teenage Sex by Color Climax has been expanded. I had ordered Teenage Sex #96 from you sometime back because I had been searching for it for years. It is an exceptional issue. I know why I had trouble finding it now, it had Pornstar Denise La Bouche in hardcore and Nikki Montana and Monica Moore all in the same issue! I see you also are offering some new titles but don't have the scans up yet. Let me know when they are available please! Thanks a lot, Peter

Dear Peter, We do actually have those scans available at this time. If you will just email us and let us know whcih titles you are interested in we will be happy to send you the scans for them. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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