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TESTIMONIALS : Praise from a few of our clients.

"Yurmag.Com can really help any serious porn magazines collector, i collect all Major sex magazines from 1978 to 2000 (both US mags & European titles), needless to say that i have a huge collection, almost complete But the Yurmag's team is one of the few shops that always have something new for me." said Mark S. (CT, USA).

"I collect Christy CANYON vintage adult items for over 20 years and Deb and her team provided around 70% of all European sex magazines in my collection" said David G. (CA, USA).

"I don't know if you wanted to turn your customers on, make them happy and horny, i think you succeded with your amazing selection of vintage porn magazines" said Berth M. (Sweden).

"A really big thanks for being able to supply me a mint condition copy of SEX in COPENHAGEN by Color Climax. I have been looking for it for at least 10 years, EUR500.00 was a bit pricy but i think it really worth" said Kurt M. (Switzerland).

"Hi Deb, my last order of Color Climax sex magazine Number 6 arrived in just 5 days, thank you for the fast delivery. Please keep looking for a copy of COLOR CLIMAX 1, i know you're the only one able to find me one copy" said Dennis S. (VA, USA).


"I really got to give this new site I found a big wrap guys, I am an avid lover of vintage porn and was looking for this really old adult magazine called 70s COLOR CLIMAX, and couldn’t get it anywhere then a mate of mine told me I should give this site called www.yurmag.com it’s a retro vintage porn magazine site, a quick search around and I found just what I was after in no time at all I had my vintage porn magazine and am wrapped. These guys will find just about anything for you if your chasing something and can’t find it anywhere on www.yurmag.com just hit the guys up and they will do there best to find it for you." from Directoryadult.com.

"Miss the 70ths and 80ths? That was the great time when there was no Internet, no pornsites but only magazines with dirty pictures in them. With all of sites you can access to quality images and all, but only with magazines you can feel a genuine nostalgia of times bygone. Yourmag is unique site on this point - it offers true old magazines with pinup and vintage porn stars! All possible niches, most famous fuckers and erotic stars." from The Guide to retro & vintage porn.

"Yurmag.com est le paradis sur terre des aficionados de revues hot des années 60, 70, 80 voire 90. Yurmag.com présente une collection de revues à se procurer et son site ouaib permet de regarder les couvertures de ces revues érotiques soit par le nom du magazine sur papier glacé soit par le nom des actrices X qui ont inscrit leur nom au panthéon du plaisir (cliquez sur les noms puis sur les numéros des revues hot à gauche de chaque page) ; comme ces personnalités françaises savoureuses : Brigitte Lahaie, Coralie, Delphine Delage, Draghixa, Fovéa, Karine Gambier, Laure Sainclair... Faites votre choix." from TouchSexy.

"BACK DATE SEX MAGAZINES: Only one name deserves mention here, and that name is Yurmag.Com. A fantastic company with every porn magazine magazine and every model who ever posed hardcore cross-referenced on computer." from Pagan.

"Because we can never get enough of silicone-free boobies and uncoiffed pubic hair, we're excited to have come across Yurmag.Com, your one-stop shop for all sorts of deliciously dirty vintage pinup and stroke magazines, catalogues, and hardcore material. Unlike similar collections of scanned material we've featured here, everything at Yurmag.com is for sale (they buy collections, too)—so if you have a couple of extra bucks burning a hole in your pocket and you want to show us some love by helping us fill in the gaps of our Lisa DeLeeuw collection, we wouldn't exactly say no. We're just saying." from FleshBot.

"Have you ever wondered what turned on your grandfather? ...Well of course you have. Yurmag.Com is the ultimate porn magazine collector site, presenting vintage porn collectible items that fans of all ages drool over." from Chic.

"Is there a heaven for good porno magazines shopping. We like to think so. And we hope it looks something like Yurmag.Com, the smut mail-order vintage european sex magazine store." from VTO.

"Yurmag.Com has one of the largest lists of old porn magazine publications I have ever seen....On and on goes the list of vintage sexmags." from SexShoppingMall.

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