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Private 1-80

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Internet & world's largest selection of Vintage PRIVATE Swedish Porn Magazines from 1 to 80. Enjoy great Swedish sex mags especially made to help promote a more liberal attitude towards sex and a better understanding of all sexual inclinations, according to Private philosophy back in the early 1970's.

PRIVATE Porn Magazines Gallery :

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Looking for PRIVATE Vintage Swedish Porn Magazines by PRIVATE MEDIA & Berth MILTON that aren't listed ? those numbers are also available right now : Les FILLES de PRIVATE - OPEN THROAT - Number 2 (Mint Condition, send us your offer) - 80. Drop us an email to order any of these (all in Excellent Condition) NOW!!

About PRIVATE Porn Magazines :

In 1995, PRIVATE celebrated its thirty year anniversary. Berth MILTON Senior, was the first in the world to start a full color sex magazine. The year was 1965, here is the fascinating story about the birth of the world's biggest adult magazine. An aunt gave Berth MILTON Sr his first camera when he was six years old and he demonstrated a precocious faculty for pursuading women to shed their clothes. MILTON was already a famous name in Sweden. For 40 years young Berth Seniors father operated Milton's TIVOLI, the country' biggest travelling fairground. By the 1960s Milton Sr was making a mark in what might be cllaed another branch of show business as a car salesman for Volksvagen. His success in such a traditionally tough selling job was a major factor in Milton's ability to provide the seed capital he needed to start a sexshop in Stockholm.

Without a doubt, Berth Milton Sr was a man of his times, with a non-conformist attitude which covered what was of interest at that time and the forthcoming changes in the future. Milton had tried to produce explicit sex before even thinking about PRIVATE, but his project failed right away. His first erotic productions were super-8 movie tapes which he marketed with unsual success at the beginning. but certain "Pirates" made a multitude of bad copies of these films, ruining the still building business. One day he made a collection of his photos with naked swedish girls and sold them in "Six-packs" in his sex-shop. The high quality photos were a great success from the start and soon the rumors made it possible to sell them by mail-order in Scandinavian countries. The success abroad was also due to the worldwide perception of the liberal Swedish people and the Swedish sin and slowly the idea of making publication with erotic photos came about. "when i saw the rubbish published and sold for a tremendous amount of money i said : i can do better than that" Milton remembers. "Everybody was printing thirty-six black-and-white porn pictures in thirty-six pages. I started with a well-designed layout, with text and with color. That's the reason i started PRIVATE sex magazine" said Milton.

Private Porn magazines are TOP VINTAGE EROTICA collectibles. ...we stock most from the early 1970's through the mid-2000's, so If grandpa didn't leave any Private in your attic, Yurmag.Com is the place to go.

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