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Pornstars T-Z



Kobe TAI
Lotta TOPP
Tiffany TOWERS
Bianca TRUMP
Tianna TYLER
Beatrice VALLE
Sandrine VAN HERPE
Tiffany WALKER
Taylor WANE
Deborah WELLS
Angel WEST
Brooke WEST
Desiree WEST
Tracey WEST
Stephanie WIGGINS
Jacqueline WILD
Michelle WILD
Karen WING
Tracy WINN
Spontaneus Xtasy

Adult Magazines Featuring PORNSTARS T-Z

Selection of Men's adult Magazines Featuring the following Pornstars sorted by the First letter of their LAST NAME from T to Z :

Kobe TAI, Julia TAYLOR, Sunset THOMAS, Tina TITANIC, Lotta TOPP, Traci TOPPS, Tiny TOVE, Tiffany TOWERS, Carole TREDILLE, Bianca TRUMP, Scoty TURNER, Tianna TYLER, Stacy VALENTINE, Laura VALERIE, Beatrice VALLE, Debbie VAN GILS, Sandrine VAN HERPE, Anna VENTURA, Valy VERDI, Chloe VEVRIER, Vanda VITUS, VIVIANA, Tiffany WALKER, Taylor WANE, Letha WEAPONS, Deborah WELLS, Angel WEST, Brooke WEST, Desiree WEST, Tracey WEST, Zara WHITES, Wendy WHOPPERS, Stephanie WIGGINS, Gina WILD, Jacqueline WILD, Michelle WILD, K.C WILLIAMS, Nilli WILLIS, Karen WING, Tracey WINN, Whitney WONDERS, Pat WYNN, Lili XENE, Spontaneus Xtasy, Sarah YOUNG, Ona ZEE, Veronika ZEMANOVA.

It would take forever to list All Pornstars from T to Z for which we records of appearances in our adult Magazines, but still there are a lot more available than what is listed her so please don't hesitate to Send Us a few "low definition" Scans on your Favorite Pornstar & we will check our inventory.

Frederique TABORKSY, Diane TALIK, Mika TAN, Monika TANNER, Troy TANNIER, Amanda TAYLOR, Cailey TAYLOR, Cherri TAYLOR, Kelly TAYLOR, Raina TAYLOR, Shone TAYLOR, Stevie TAYLOR, Gabrielle TCHEKAN, Julia TCHERNEI, Tony TEDESCHI, Lisa THATCHER, Heather THOMAS, Paul THOMAS, Lisa THORPE, Sharon THORPE, Natasha THROAT, TIANNA, Rene TIFFANY, Angela TIGER, Toni TITANIC, Crystal TOPPS, Maria TORTUGA, Heather TORRANCE, Rose TORRES, Oliver TOWELS, Frank TOWERS, Tabetha TOWERS, Twin TOWERS, Troy TRANNIER, Olivia de TREVILLE, Victoria TROMANOBA, Color Climax Model TRUDI, Andrea TRUE, Kelly TRUMP, TT BOY, Laura TURNER, Page TURNER, Jill TUTTLE, Nicole TYLER, Nikki TYLER, Plenty UPTOP, Inari VACHS, Gigi VALDEZ, K.C VALENTINE, Gina VALENTINO, Laure VALLOIS, Gianni VALLONE, Claude VALMONT, Lou VALMONT, VAMPIRELLA, Adele VANAGA, Monique VAN CLEEF, Dushca VAN DEN BERG, Veronica VANOZA, Ildico VARCONI, Lu VARLEY, Nancy VEE, Valentina VELASQUEZ, Dora VENTER, Ray VICTORY, Chazz VINCENT, Desire VINCI, Tiffany VIONETTE, VIPER, Teresa VISCONTI, Barbel VON STATEN, Vince VOYEUR, Tracey WALDEN, Sarah WALKER, Marc WALLICE, Suzi WANG, Rosemary WARD, Donna WARNER, Missy WARNER, Mary WATERS, Elizabeth WAUGH, Heather WAYNE, Teri WEIGEL, Eileen WELLES, Jennifer WELLES, Ray WELLS, April WEST, Jennifer WEST, Nicole WEST, Nurea WEST, Maria WHITAKER, Amanda WHITE, Mandy WHITE, Sally WHITE, Black WIDOW, Adele WIESENTHAL, Paula WILD, Rebecca WILD, Adam WILDE, Jessica WILDE, Kym WILDE, Crystal WILDER, Honey WILDER, Michelle WILKIE, Kathy WILLETTS, Marlene WILLOUGHBY, Alison WILLS, Keri WINDSOR, Brandy WINE, Victoria WINTERS, Leslie WINSTON, Linda WONG, Yoko WONG, Starr WOOD, Nikki WYLDE, Inga YANSON, Solange YI-LON, Blake YOUNG, Mame YOUNG, Ravenna YOUNG, Kitty YUNG, ZABOU, ZOE.


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About Maria TORTUGA : Maria TORTUGA aka Irene BEST, Maria MAINES, Maria TORRES, Mary CHRISTIAN is an American porn star and bondage model. Born in 1960, Maria TORTUGA is slim, hispanic model, generally considered to be one of the first porn stars in the modern sense. Beginning in 1977, she began performing in short sex scenes for film loops & retro sex magazines. It was later that she starred in some of the first feature length stag films. In the 1980s, Maria TORTUGA began working in the resurgent Bondage photography industry. She worked with various photographers, most notably Sean HARPER. Most sources say Maria TORTUGA left the adult maagzines industry in 1986, but she was featured in Harmony's Magazine BONDAGE PHOTO TREASURES 28 and BONDAGE GALLERY 13 as late as 1990. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Maria TORTUGA]

About Kelly TRUMP : Kelly TRUMP (born August 27, 1970 in Bottrop, Germany) is a German porn star. Kelly TRUMP originally trained as a dental assistant, then began dancing professionally. In 1994 she was asked by a friend whether she wanted to participate in nude modeling and adult magazines. Kelly TRUMP soon received an offer to perform in a film being shot in the Caribbean. Only after the casting sessions did she discover that the movie, Dangerous Dreams, was a pornographic movie. She decided to follow through with her decision and thus began her career in the adult film & sex magazines industry. She has performed in story-driven German adult films, such as German Beauty (an adult adaptation of American Beauty), Eiskalte Engel (Ice-Cold Angels), the 00Sex series (based on James Bond) and Ariella the Mermaid. She has also acted in a small number of American adult films, including sex films for Wicked Pictures. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Kelly TRUMP]

About Dora VENTER : Dora VENTER is the most popular pseudonym of a Hungarian pornstar. Dora was born October 1, 1976 in a village in northern Hungary. She auditioned for porn magazines in late April 1999, and shot her first films several weeks afterwards, her second at the Cannes Hot D'Or. This was initially intended to supplement her low pay as a nurse, but ended up being a full time career for years. Early in her career, she worked in Swedish porn magazines & movies for director Mike BECK, under the stage name Claudia WENSTROM. She also appeared in Italian, German, French, and Hungarian sex magazines & films. From 2001 through 2004 she worked for Catalan director Conrad SON, in more artistic pornographic roles. Dora VENTER has performed a wide variety of sex acts including anal sex, double penetration, double anal penetration, ass to mouth, and anal creampie. Dora returned to nursing in September 2003, while continuing to make occasional films. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Dora VENTER]

About Rebecca WILD : Rebecca WILD (born April 4, 1972 in Columbus, Ohio) is a former American porn star. Her career spanned from 1992-2001. Rebecca WILD is known for her large breasts. Her first scene was with Ed POWERS in Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 1. The actor Rebecca WILD performed with a lot was Buck ADAMS. Although beautiful and prolific, Rebecca WILD never made it higher than a B-Level pornstar. However, the films she is best remembered for are Babewatch 1 & Babewatch 2. She performed in mainly straight and lesbian sex magazines & films, as well as only a couple anal scenes. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Rebecca WILD]

About Honey WILDER : Honey WILDER is an American porn star who was prolific in the 1980s, appearing in over 90 films & dozens porn magazines. Honey appeared in her first porn film in 1981, a feature called Swedish Erotica 39. Honey WILDER soon became associated with convincing portrayals of a seductress, and in particular for playing older women inappropriately seducing younger men. She also appeared in the Taboo series where she portrayed a mother who engages in an incestuous relationship with her son. Never showing an interest in breaking into mainstream acting, Honey WILDER maintains a strong cult following in the porn magazines collectors world, and is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Honey WILDER]

About Linda WONG : Linda WONG (born September 13, 1951 in Hawaii - died December 17, 1987 in Petaluma, California of an accidental drug overdose) is a former pornographic actress and one of the first Asians to become a star in the adult magazines & movie industry. In 1998 Linda WONG was added to XRCO Hall of Fame. Linda WONG was born in Hawaii and raised in San Francisco. Linda first broke into the business in 1976 with the films, Oriental Babysitter and Jade Pussycat. This helped her to earn a following and at the same time showcased her Asian heritage. Among her best performances may have have been in 1977's Jade Pussycat in which she co-starred with Georgina SPELVIN and John HOLMES. According to Playboy's October 1977 pictorial "Ladies of Joy" as well as Playboy's 1980 Girls of Playboy 4, she worked as a legal prostitute in Las Vegas for a short time under the name Linda CHING. Appearing in X films & porn magazines hurt Linda WONG and she claimed "I was never viewed as a human being. The greatest compliment that anyone has given me is that 'Linda, you're a nice person.' Most people, right off the bat, assume that I am a piece of meat, a porno star, a floozy." (AVN). During her stint as an adult film pornstar, she worked with some of the top names of the 1970s and 1980s: John HOLMES, Joey SILVERA,... Linda WONG was planning yet another comeback in 1987 when she died of a drug overdose. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Linda WONG]

About Kitty YUNG : Kitty YUNG real name Amanda YUNG (born February 6, 1970 in Los Angeles, California) is an American porn star of Korean and Hawaiian descent. In 1993 became involved in the adult magazines & film industry after answering an ad for lingerie modeling. During her first year and a half in the industry, Kitty YUNG appeared with natural breasts that had the unusual feature of inverted nipples that popped outward when she was sexually excited. Although originally reluctant to have breast implants, she did so in 1994, at the encouragement of her female coworkers, who told her it would lead to more box covers and sex magazine layouts. She also had her eyes surgically reshaped at approximately the same time. Whether Kitty YUNG looked better before or after surgery is slightly controversial, with some appreciating her post-surgery appearance, but with others criticizing her implants and eye surgery, preferring the pre-surgery, natural appearance she displayed in her earlier sex magazines. During her career from 1993-1995, she performed in over 100 films & porn magazines, often Asian-themed, and marked by copious amounts of anal sex, double and triple penetrations, and "Wobbly H's", often without condoms. She performed with men more often than with women and avoided urolagnia scenes, describing them as "too humiliating". After two years, Kitty YUNG quit the film industry in 1995, because of declining interest and fear of AIDS, although she had not contracted it. After being away for about seven years, Kitty YUNG returned to the film industry in the early 2000s and starred in several 2002 releases, including the fourth installment of HUSTLER's famous Asian Fever series, Elegant Angel's Please Play Hard With Me, and Video Team's No Man's Land: Asian Edition 3, in all of which she was credited as her alternate name Tia SON. She states that one of her favorite co-stars is Peter NORTH, and has performed with controversial producer Max HARDCORE, describing him as "actually a nice guy. Just kind of kinky." [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Kitty YUNG]

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