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New Cunts

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NEW CUNTS Classic Shaved Sex Porn Magazines

For sale in this section a great selection of NEW CUNTS by COLOR CLIMAX Classic Shaved Sex Porn Magazines. NEW CUNTS porn mags give you the opportunity to see how a girl or famous pornstar's pussy looks up close.. Really close. If you love the succulent sight of silky, shaved pussies, this is the color climax magazine made for you.

NEW CUNTS Vintage Porn Magazines by COLOR CLIMAX, are one of my Favourite publication by Color Climax, as we really like those beautiful models with pussies shaved ; most of our stock is listed in details in this section but don't hesitate to send us your SPECIAL REQUEST, for any queries regarding NEW CUNTS mags or any other, we will do our best to help you.


ALERT For all SHAVED PUSSY LOVERS ! Besides from the NEW CUNTS by COLOR CLIMAX Classic Shaved Sex Porn Magazines listed ; those numbers are also available right now : 2 (70s porn models shaved) - 3 (Gyneco session) - 7 (Self-Fist-Fucking photos by Retrosex Chicks) - 10 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 26 - 28 - 32 - 34 - 39 - 42 - 44 (Porn star Gerlinde Bodeker on the cover) - 48 (Tish Ambrose shaving her Co-star) - 49 - 51 - 54 (Janey Robbins pussy shaved) - 55 (french 80s sexstar Joy Karins) - 57 (Polish Pornstar Dolly Buster) - 58 (Ebony Black pussy Nina de Ponca) - 59 - 60 - 66 (Busty Belle) - 68 - 70 (Charlene Roben) - 76 (Heather Lee & Betty Gabor) - 79 (Sabrina Johnson) - 85 (Olivia) - 86 (Lovette & Busty Brittany) - 90 (Gina Colany & Julia Taylor) - 92 (Sierra) - 93 - 95 ; we will list them as soon as possible.

Send us Your WANT LIST NOW!!

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NEW CUNTS by Color Climax News :

bullet : NEW CUNTS by Color Climax RSS Feeds News by Yurmag.Com

bulletNEW CUNTS by Color Climax @ Yurmag.Com sex blog.

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About NEW CUNTS Porn Magazines :

The success of All Color Climax series (including NEW CUNTS) was based on quality. Besides many Shaved Models NEW CUNTS had many Famous European & American PornStars such as Joy Karins, Kimberly Kupps, Dolly Buster, Deidre Holland, Busty Belle,...

Here are a few layout's titles that were first published by CCC in NEW CUNTS Magazines : Shaved Babe - Sweet Shaved Pussy - Naked Pussies - The Power of Pussy - Gigolo Lust - Silken Thrill - Silky Surprise - ... just to name a few

NEW CUNTS Porno magazines have become collectibles in recently. ...we have 100s NEW CUNTS magazines from the Seventies through number 93, so If your Big Bro didn't leave any NEW CUNTS in your attic, Yurmag.Com is the place to go.

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Buyers Comments :

1/ Benny Joe Biggar from aqababeauty@yahoo.com wrote us :

Dear Yurmag, I guess collectors always want the uncommon and I found on your site the magazine New Cunts. I know it was unique at the time when everyone of the porn stars had hairy cunts. They are hard to find in my area and I currently own three of them right now. I have issues 1,5, and 19. I prize them above any I own and that is saying something. I also would love to see some scans of the other issues that contain interracial sex if you can. I love the bare cunts in these magazines but they are tough to find where I live. No, they are impossible to find. Thank You Benny Joe

Dear Benny Joe, I have forwarded your request to our research department and they have never failed me yet. If it is out there we will find it for you. I am impressed by your magazines already those are some very hot issues! Congratulations and we look forward to helping you expand your collection. Thanks from Yurmag.com.

2/ Dallas from NYC wrote us :

Dear Sir, I don't know if you have my information still on file but I would like to place another order. It has been a year since I ordered from you and I got a couple of superb vintage magazines one of them was New Cunts #37. I have truly enjoyed that magazine and promised myself I would add more when the opportunity presented. While browsing through your current offerings I found one I had not encountered before and must have. It is the New Cunts by Color Climax and the issue is number 1. I thought I had pretty much completed my collection but this magazine sparked my acquisitive instincts. I must have it. You guys handled my last order so speedily and discretely I look forward to doing business with you again. Dallas

Dear Dallas, Your order request has been sent to our order fulfillment department and you will be hearing from them very soon. We are glad to hear the last set of magazines sparked your interest. Be sure and check back often as we are constantly adding more titles and if you don't see one you want don't hesitate to contact us. We can find just about anything at Yurmag.com.

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