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Homo Action

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Homo Action 6
Homo Action 8
Homo Action 16


Please take a look at our selection of HOMO ACTION Vintage COLOR CLIMAX Gay Porn Magazines. CCC produced 100s GAY or HOMO loops back in the seventies but besides those 16 HOMO ACTION magazines there are only 2 sets that i know that features Gay Porn (actually Bi-Sexual Porn).

HOMO ACTION Porn Magazines Gallery :

HOMO ACTION magazine
sex magazine HOMO ACTION

A few more HOMO ACTION by Color Climax Vintage GAY Porn Magazines available, issues : 15 - 19. Contact us if interested.

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About HOMO ACTION Porn Magazines :

Homo Action Porn Magazines has been published by the Color Climax Corporation in the Seventies. This great Gay Porn Serie reached number 16.

CCC didn't published a lot of Gay oriented magazines, it is a mistery to us due to huge demand for such products by the gay community. Again a huge success based on quality. An exception to notice is that there are No famous pornstars featured in the magazines from this serie.

Action Homo is a Gay porn magazine where young males makes love to each other, for example three young men making love by sucking and arse fucking or guys that love to take their friends sperm in their mouths.

Homo Action Porn magazines are EXTREMELY hard to find ... still we can find some from time to time, just make sure to Bookmark this page, or you better bookmark this one : Selection of various 1970s-80s-90s GAY PORN MAGAZINES.

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Buyers Comments :

1/ George from Greece emailed us :

Dear Research, Hey I have another request this month. I need some extra scans of the magazine Homo Action 6. I wanted to expand what I have in my collection but am not familar with this particular Color Climax offerings. So can you do that for me? I currently have Issue number 18 and am impressed by this magazine and the quality and ingenuity of the photographs. The spreads were unique to this issue and that makes it prized. Not to mention the sex was down and dirty! I am hoping #6 meets these high standards. Sincerely George

Dear George, Color Climax produced some of the best porn of that era. I feel sure that Issue number 6 will keep these same high standards. I have forwarded your request to the correct department and they will be contacting you as soon as possible with the scans. Thank you for choosing Yurmag.Com

2/ David from San Diego emailed us:

Whoa Babies, Guys I had no idea vintage porn was so hot! I got a copy of the Retro Sex from Color Climax called Homo action issue 8 and man those guys have to be gymnasts! I wonder if it was even legal in the US back then. Well here is to say I am more than happy with my purchase and I will talk to you guys in a few weeks more! I have a new hobby now retro porn! Sincerely David

Dear David, We are always happy to help a new collector make his start and yes Danish porn was very much ahead of the game in that time frame. Color Climax was one of the best producers of this and Homo Action was a superb example. If we can do anything further for you please contact us at Yurmag.Com. We look forward to hearing from you soon

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